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Relationships matter

Here’s why you need to show your clients you care If you had to guess, what do you think would be the most important factor for clients in choosing a […]

5 reasons new customers are vital for practice success

Recent research by Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions (HSVS) reveals that client acquisition is described by many veterinary practice owners as ‘challenging’. This is understandable; gaining new clients isn’t easy – […]

The brave new world of customer acquisition

Attracting new customers may not feel like an immediate priority when running a busy veterinary practice, yet new clients are vital to a practice’s health; they replace natural attrition caused […]

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White Papers

Increasing New Client Acquisition with Practice Marketing

Every business needs to attract new customers to grow. Historically, in the veterinary industry, some practices have been reluctant or unsure of how to achieve this. Attitudes are changing, but it unfortunately took the global financial crisis 10 years ago and the subsequent downturn to bring the importance of acquiring new clients into sharp focus. As a result, the majority of practices now undertake some form of action to increase client numbers.

Improving Client Retention with Effective Reminders & Recalls

Over recent years veterinary practices have started experiencing increasing financial pressure because of patients either postponing routine appointments or stopping attendance altogether.

Although it has been 10 years since the global financial crisis, the scars remain. Despite strong gains in international markets during 2017, the world is still experiencing sub-par economic growth, with resulting high levels of public, corporate and consumer debt.

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Case Studies

Sparkline Scorecard: Increasing Net Profit by 10%

Simon Robinson is owner, principal vet and sole proprietor of Andover-based Strathmore Veterinary Clinic. Simon took over the running of this 60 year old independent clinic in 2010 and has […]

RoboVet: Improved business management with effective stock control

Effective stock control is just one of many wide-ranging improvements Charter Veterinary Group has implemented through its partnership with Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions (HSVS). Pharmacy Supervisor Julie Rottenbury reveals that […]

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Success Stories

Success Stories

“There are some really great features which are helping us run a much more efficient practice”

Rebekka Fiorani, Clent Hills Vets

Success Stories

“The more I use it, the more profitable my business is, and the more I connect with my patients and clients.”

Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker, High St Vets

Success Stories

“It meets all my patient and client needs ensuring I don’t overlook anything. It’s like having an extra employee, everything is just so automated. The result, I’m less stressed, and the standard of care is more consistent.”

Dr Angela Sutherland, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery

Success Stories

“I would recommend it to any practice, large or small, that is serious about gaining better control and understanding of their data for clinical or business purposes”

Dr Anne Richings, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital & Royal Veterinary College

Success Stories

“Our average transaction fee increased by 15%. Net profit has lept from 13% to 23%”

Dr Simon Robinson, Strathmore Vets
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