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Five Technologies Your Practice Can’t Live Without

Did you go into the practice of veterinary medicine so that you could manage your Facebook and Instagram posts?

Respond to online reviews? Spend time making sure clients would show up for their appointments? Probably not. If we had to guess, we’d say you went into veterinary medicine to improve the lives of your patients. 

In this day and age, however, technology and business management go hand in hand. Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions has the lowdown on the five vet software technologies that successful veterinary practices today won’t live without. What’s more, we provide simple solutions that can offer your practice the freedom that a successful business allows — time to care for your patients instead of your marketing strategy.

1. Social Media

76% of Facebook users access the site daily.1 51% of Instagram users do the same.1 Are you effectively communicating with your clients on these social sites? Is the content you provide “thumb-stopping”? To truly engage pet owners, be sure to mix a variety of educational information with the latest pet health news and adorable pictures. Make social media management the job of everyone in the practice, not just one person. This will ensure that you’re providing as much value and capturing as much information as possible.

2. Reputation Management

What do current and potential clients see when they look at your business online? 70% of people consult reviews or ratings before making a purchase.2 You and your staff work tirelessly to provide the best client and patient experience, but do your online reviews reflect that? As you talk with your clients and receive positive feedback, ask them for a review! Seven out of ten consumers will leave a review for a business if asked.3

3. Online Scheduling

Many practices still rely on traditional channels and manual methods to reach out to customers and schedule appointments. Not only does this take your focus away from customers who are physically in your practice, but most clients no longer respond to these “old-school” communication methods anyway. If it’s not convenient for your clients, they may not schedule appointments at all. With an average spend of $140 per visit, losing just one appointment per day will cost you over $100,000 in revenue per year. Try online scheduling—26% of appointments scheduled online are for the same-day or next-day slots.4

4. Automated Confirmations 

Reducing front office tasks has positive ripple effects throughout your entire practice. Increased productivity up front allows for patients to be checked in and out faster, reduces phone call wait times, and enables more timely and accurate record keeping. Enabling automated appointment confirmations is a simple step you can take to reduce the workload of your front office staff. Confirmations can be sent via email, text message, or phone. What’s more, confirmations update in real time right in your software.

5. Backup Support

Life can be unpredictable. Wouldn’t you like to know you have security in your data recovery should a problem occur? Backing up your practice management software allows you to obtain the most recent copy of your practice data. This protects your practice in any emergency situation—natural disaster, server failure, fire, flood, human error. Give yourself the peace of mind of data backups.

Is your practice ready to take the technology leap? Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions can help. For services in North America, call 855-980-9099 or email For services in the UK, contact us at 0131 556 0555. For services in Australia, call 07 3018 8666, and in New Zealand, call 0800 445 611.