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Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions’ Cloud-based acquisition is a game changer for practices like yours!

Like it or not, the world is going paperless. And veterinary practices are following suit.   

It’s hard to argue with the logic that digitizing many of your clinic’s daily functions, like medical record-keeping, sending reminder cards, credit card processing, and accounting, can increase efficiency and earning potential. But for many practices, the idea of investing thousands (or even tens of thousands) for new computer hardware and servers is a deal breaker.

What if you could invest in a solution that can advance your practice’s potential without paying a king’s ransom? If that possibility interests you, Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions (HSVS) may have an answer. eVetPractice is now part of the HSVS family, which means HSVS customers who have enjoyed our superb suite of practice solutions like automated reminders, online reputation management, and cutting-edge integrated payment solutions now have a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for on-site servers and other new computer hardware.

Not sure how a cloud-based solution might help your practice? Consider these advantages:

Setup Is Easy

How easy? Easy as in there’s no new equipment to buy or new software to install. You can migrate your existing medical records and other information to the cloud, and use any internet-capable device to access them easily. And on-site training by our experts gets your practice up and running with your new tools right away, minimizing downtime.

It Can Save You Money

According to Advanced Market Research, the average small- to medium-sized business spends 6.4% of its annual revenue on IT expenses.*  For a veterinary practice with annual revenue of $500,000, that means you could be spending $32,000 a year to ensure that your computer equipment is functioning properly. Choosing a cloud-based solution means you can save some of that money to use for improvements like new equipment or other practice upgrades — or whatever you choose.

Maintenance Is Automatic

Your software upgrades happen automatically, and our server backups are also automatic. It’s hands free!

It’s Flexible Based on Your Needs

We know that every practice has unique needs, so our user-friendly solutions are flexible enough to work for all types of situations, including brick-and-mortar clinics, and mobile or house call practices. And space-saving options like electronic medical records reduce the need to store hard copies of patient records and laboratory results.

Our cloud-based servers mean you can connect multiple locations wirelessly. And your system is available 24/7. You can access records from home; at night after the kids are asleep; from the road — whenever or wherever you need to. You can even access your records when the power is out! All you need is a device with internet access, like a laptop, or tablet.

And our customer-focused technical support representatives are here for you. When questions or problems arise, support is only a click away. You can reach us via email, phone, live chat, or scheduled on-site training.

Practices that have already switched to our cloud-based solution are enjoying the benefits immensely. Dr. Rick Wall from The Woodlands, Texas notes, “I have been very pleased with all aspects, including support, of this cloud-based system for both my referral and primary care practices. The system can be easily customized to fit particular needs and there are continual additions and improvements to the software based on feedback from users.” And Dr. Susan Haight from Alpharetta, Georgia raves, “Cloud-based software is a great solution for me. I love that it is virtually paperless in so many areas, including records, emailing receipts and rabies certificates to owners, having lab results delivered into my patients’ records, sending referral information via email…all beneficial for my mobile practice and MY TIME!”

New and existing customers will enjoy the benefits of cloud-based technology as well as all the top-notch services and solutions to which HSVS customers are accustomed, like integrated payment processing, automated reminders, and data backup.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could increase your practice’s revenue, save the money you’d spend on hardware, and simultaneously implement a new technology solution that can move your practice forward? Our affordable, cloud-based solution could be a smart move for your practice — and isn’t it time we all work smarter instead of harder?

*Network Alliance. Understanding Technology Costs. Available at: Accessed February 1, 2018.