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Success Stories

“Rapport’s ability to integrate with AVImark is huge.  There are other systems out there that are similar to Rapport, but without that integration, it actually causes more work for my staff.”

Stonebrook Veterinary Clinic

Success Stories

“I have been dealing with ImproMed/Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions Technical Support for nearly 20 years.  Throughout that time I have dealt with many support staff and the common thread for the most part has been their professionalism and willingness to find the answer.”

Crossroads Vet

Success Stories

“I have used AVImark since the McAllister brothers were selling the demo.  It has come a long way and it still has room to grow but overall it is the most user friendly of all the veterinary software systems I have used.”

The Pets Place Animal Hospital

Success Stories

“We have been customers since 1986 and we have always felt that ImproMed is here to help make our business.”

All Good Animal Hospital