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Recapture Your
Lost Patients

In working with a large number of practice owners and managers, we understand that you’re under more pressure than ever to increase practice revenue.

Most practice managers spend a good amount of time and money focused on attracting new clients. However, what they fail to realize is that just over 20% of the customer base haven’t been seen in the past 18 months. This means you are losing clients, patients and revenue every year because you are forgetting about your lapsed patients.

Our data shows that in a typical two-veterinarian practice—which has about 4,700 clients—20% of the patient base is considered lapsed. That’s about 940 patients that have not been to your practice in at least 18 months. With a patient recapture rate of 4%, we would expect to see about 38 new appointments made through this program. Considering that the average value of an appointment is $150, you could be losing approximately $5,700 in additional revenue for your practice.

How would this loss in revenue impact your business?

Allowing 20% of your patients to remain inactive means you not only lose out on revenue but on the opportunity to care for the pet, offer advice to improve that pet’s life, and build a positive relationship with the owner over the life of his/her pets. With 1 in 5 of your patients not coming in to see you, it is impossible to relieve so many animals from suffering.

What if you could bring back your lost patients and ensure they receive proper care at every stage of their life? By automating your communication strategy for recapturing lost patients, you can increase customer retention, revenue and ensure proper pet care. How could this automated service improve your practice?

Henry Schein offers a Patient Recapture program that targets lapsed patients who have not visited the practice in 18 months. Our communication approach will provide the greatest success for your practice. The costs are based on performance so we are responsible for optimizing the process for your practice’s benefit.

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