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ImproMed Support

Need help with your ImproMed practice management software? Get in touch to receive outstanding service and support.

Our skilled and knowledgeable technical support team is available to help veterinary professionals like you utilize our regularly updated ImproMed technology.

Choose from one of the options below to get in touch regarding ImproMed, ImproMed Equine, and Advantage+, as well as DVM Manager, Vetech Advantage, Sunpoint, Winvet and ImproMed DOS software solutions.


Live Chat Support

Click below to have a live online chat with one of our support specialist.

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Quick Support

Activate a secure remote session and receive direct support from a specialist.

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Call 800.925.7171 to speak to a support team member.
Monday – Thursday: 7am – 8pm CST (ADV+ and DVM until 6pm CST)
Friday: 7am – 6pm CST
Saturday: 8am – 2pm CST

iCAN Online Support

Log on to the ImproMed Community Access Network (iCAN) to access support chat, message board forums, forms community, webinars and much more.

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VetWeb Support

VetWeb is used to test your data in a remote environment before you install your ImproMed, ImproMed Equine, or Advantage+ software.

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Holiday Support Hours

Times listed are in CST

Memorial Day:
Monday, May 28: CLOSED

Independence Day:
Wednesday, July 4: CLOSED

Labor Day:
Monday, September 3: CLOSED

Thursday, November 22: CLOSED
Friday, November 23: CLOSED

Christmas Party:
Friday, December 14th: 7:00AM – 4:00PM

Monday, December 24: 7:00AM – 4:00PM
Tuesday, December 25: CLOSED

New Year’s:
Tuesday, January 1: CLOSED

DVM Manager/Advantage+ Support

Have a live online chat with a support team member.

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After-hours Support

We provide after-hours emergency support* to supplement our fully staffed support hours.

Registered clients receive after-hours emergency support at a reduced rate. Please contact us for details on how to register.

If you are not a registered client, you can receive Emergency Support for a $50 initiation fee plus $6 per minute.

* This is a pager service. After regular support hours, our answering service will receive any calls.  Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions staff member will return your call as soon as possible.


After-hours emergency support is limited to customers who purchase and register for the ImproMed Application Support, it is not automatically included with ImproMed Application Support. After-hours emergency support is available through toll-free telephone, modem, or router connection during non-regular business hours.

Application Support

ImproMed Application Support (IAS) provides complete and continuous advisory support for software developed by ImproMed and selected third-party software that integrates with ImproMed. New releases, enhancements, and updates are available to subscribers at no additional software cost.


Should your practice choose not to purchase an ImproMed pre-paid support plan, ImproMed offers Case-by-Case Support. With this support option, every ImproMed customer – regardless of support status – is assured quality hardware, software, and operating system support. The fee for this support varies according to the time spent resolving the issue.

  • Available to all ImproMed customers not on a pre-paid ImproMed service support plan.
  • Available to all ImproMed customers on a pre-paid plan which does not cover the particular support issue (eg. a virus).
  • Consultation on hardware, off-the-shelf software, and operating system purchases.

Case-by-Case Support is available on a per-call basis through toll-free telephone, modem, or router connection during regular ImproMed business hours. After-hours software updates, Operating System (OS) installation, and hardware installation or swap are by appointment. Call (800) 925-7171 for pricing and availability.

Hardware Coverage

We offer an extended warranty on hardware purchased through ImproMed, available for customers who purchase ImproMed Application Support. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Telephone support and diagnosis.
  • Replacement or repair of any covered part(s).
  • Assistance in configuration or system setup (by appointment).
  • Loading and reloading of system software and operating system.
  • Reconfiguration of equipment.
  • Retrieval of ImproMed data.
  • Consultation on hardware, off-the-shelf software, and operating system purchases.

ImproMed Hardware Support (IHS) is only available for hardware purchased through ImproMed. Following the initial 90-day free period provided by ImproMed, quarterly or annual fees are payable, based on the support items selected. Hardware Support is available through toll-free telephone and internet connection, during regular ImproMed business hours.

Operating System Support

If you opt for Hardware Coverage support on your ImproMed equipment, we automatically provide Windows operating system coverage at no additional cost. If you don’t opt for Hardware Coverage, or if you have third-party servers and workstations, we encourage you to cover your operating system support independently.

The quarterly or annual fee is based on the system purchased through ImproMed. Operating System Support is available through toll-free telephone, modem, or router connection, during regular ImproMed business hours.