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Our veterinary software and services are designed to streamline and grow your business. They help drive customers to your door, grow practice revenue, improve efficiency, and keep your staff productive and happy.

What if you could ensure that every area of your practice was fully optimized and efficient?

Practice Management Software

We provide some of the longest standing veterinary software systems in the US, including AVImark, ImproMed, and ImproMed Equine. See what makes each of our platforms unique. We’ll help you find the best fit for your practice.

Training and Education

Research has shown that companies lose between 10 percent and 30 percent of its original capabilities every year. That’s especially true in the veterinary industry, where staff turnover is high. We offer several training options for veterinary practices to ensure that staff members work as efficiently as possible.

Computer Hardware

In a busy practice, hardware will likely last only three to five years. Older computers are unlikely to support newer operating systems, which can slow your computer’s performance over time and drastically affect your staff’s daily workflow and productivity. We offer a variety of business-class computers and accessories from leading vendors, built to withstand the rigorous veterinary practice environment. Hardware arrives at your practice completely configured according to your Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions software recommendations, saving you time and money.

Marketing and Communications

Our client communication tools help you increase staff efficiency, market and grow your practice, and bring more pet owners through your door. They enhance the veterinarian-client-patient bond, improve pet owner loyalty, and drive practice revenues. Integrated veterinary marketing services also help leverage practice-level data and consumer insights to deliver highly personal, relevant, and timely communications.

Integrated Practice Solutions

Veterinarians want to provide excellent patient care, but they may not realize that business health and patient care are intertwined. A successful practice will generate more revenue, affording more specialized equipment, which in turn enables even better patient care. This generates repeat business, increased customer conversions, and strong growth in client retention and loyalty.