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Global Connected Partner Program

Securely integrate with Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions practices across the globe.


The goal of the Connected Partner Program is to create a vibrant, 3rd party developer community that adds value to veterinary practices globally. It is a centralized, unified place where practices go to buy authorized software solutions.

The Platform will simplify the process of integrating with practice software platforms (AVImark, eVetPractice, ImproMed, ImproMed Equine, VisionVPM, RoboVet, and RxWorks) allowing your business to run seamlessly in our secure cloud providing ​a high level of data integrity and security for veterinary practices.*

* Not all categories are available at launch.



The program provides a single API to connect with our software platforms around the world. This not only provides you with access to nearly 20,000 potential veterinary practices through a single integration, but it also helps to increase the speed to market while reducing the cost to integrate.

Latest Software Version

Get the latest version of AVImark, eVetPractice, ImproMed, ImproMed Equine, VisionVPM, RoboVet, and RxWorks.

Single API to connect

Only a single API to connect to each of these software platforms, making integration faster and easier.

Access to developer's toolkit

Benefit from our knowledge base, resource center, and technical API documentation.

Increased speed to market

Build once and you are done.  No more issues managing multiple PiMS and version control.

Expanded Reach

Reach nearly 20,000 veterinary practices worldwide that use practice management software from Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions.

Authorized write-back

Offer veterinary practices greater ease of use for your software.  Platform partners have the ability to write back into many of the Henry Schein software solutions.  Ask us which of our software solutions are supported.


How long does it take after I apply to hear back?

Once you application is submitted you will get an automatic reply confirming your application.  Due to the current demand for the Connected Partner Program it may take 6 – 8 weeks to review your application.

How much does it cost?

We have flexible pricing models to suit your business needs.  We help startups scale and mature businesses perform at levels never previously possible.  Our models address both recurring revenue models and transactional models of business.

Why create the Connected Partners Program?

Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions created the Connected Partner Program to help veterinary practices and the companies that work with them to run their businesses seamlessly.  The platform provides a high level of data integrity and enables partners to accomplish more than they ever have before.


Step 1

Complete the online application process.

Step 2

Receive contact from a member of the Connected Partner Program team within 6 – 8 weeks.

Step 3

Review and sign Connected Partner Program standard agreement.

Step 4

Your developers are provided access to our Developers Tool kit, Knowledge -base, Resource Center and technical API documentation.

Step 5

Testing and Go Live.


Fill out your application today to secure your place.

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