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Integrated Practice

Veterinarians want to provide excellent patient care, but they may not realize that business health and patient care are intertwined. A successful practice will generate more revenue, affording more specialized equipment, which in turn enables even better patient care. This generates repeat business, increased customer conversions, and strong growth in client retention and loyalty.

We offer innovative services that integrate with your practice management software to help you capture more revenue, streamline your workflow, boost efficiency, and grow your practice.

Sparkline Scorecard

Did you know that 60 percent of veterinarians aren’t using financial concepts to run their businesses, and many don’t review key metrics on a regular basis?*  They may be missing […]

Payment Solutions

Credit card processing that “talks” to your software. Save time and money with credit card processing services from Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions, which are fully integrated with AVImark and ImproMed […]

Data Backup

Protect your most important asset…your data. A study from the University of Texas revealed that 43 percent of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss close and never reopen, and 51 […]


Digital x-ray and digital image processing for the progressive veterinarian. DragonflyPACS is an easy-to-use tool for viewing, transferring, and archiving images.  Any image from any device (x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, […]

Labels and Supplies

We offer convenient stocking of critical supplies — such as labels, Pet Detect printer supplies, and identification bands — to keep your veterinary practice running smoothly, so you can focus […]